Frequently Asked Questions
1. Is the school accredited?

Yes, the American International School of Bucharest is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges in the USA, the Council of International Schools and is authorized by the International Baccalaureate Organization to offer all of three International Baccalaureate programs: Primary Years, Middle Years and Diploma Program. AISB does not follow the Romanian educational curriculum and is therefore not accredited by the Romanian Ministry of Education (MEC).

2. What are the steps that we have to take for our child's admission?

The steps to take for a student's admission are as follows:

Contact the Admission Officer by e-mail ( to initiate the process or by phone to set an appointment to visit the school.
Complete the online application form & book testing if necessary.
Provide all of the needed documents (see Admissions Procedures page)
The Admission Officer will contact you by email or phone to confirm admission or to notify you of other needed documents / meetings / testing. Once admission is confirmed, print and sign the Enrollment Contract sent to you by the Admission Officer and return it to the Admission Office by the due date.
If required, the Admissions Office will make your appointment for a meeting with the English as an Additional Language (EAL) teacher for Elementary School assessment or with the Middle School or High School Counselors for Secondary School scheduling.
Keep in touch with the Admission Office to discuss the start of school.

3. What is your age cut off date?

Age cut off date is September 1st.

4. Do you accept students with special learning needs?

Yes. As stated in the AISB Admissions Policy:

While staff and specialists provide support for learning differences, AISB does not have the resources or programs to support students with major learning disabilities or physical challenges. In some cases, one-on-one special educational needs support is provided by outside consultants or tutors and the fees for these services are paid privately by the student's family. Any educational, emotional or physical needs must be noted in detail in the admission application. Please provide any available academic or psychological evaluations and reports of extra academic support the applicant is receiving. Failure to disclose such information may result in revocation of an offer of admission.

5. If my son or daughter does not speak English, can they be admitted?

If your son or daughter is applying for grades EC3 - Grade 5, English language proficiency is not required. However, if he/she is applying for Grades 6 - 12, they must pass an English admissions test.

6. Do you have a lunch program?

AISB has a full-service cafeteria operated by Eurest caterers. Parents pay directly to Eurest for this service. If a family does not want to participate in the lunch program they are welcome to prepare a lunch for their child to bring with them from home.

Eurest also serves a snack in the mornings to Elementary School children at no additional cost to the families.

7. Is AISB a day school or a boarding school?

AISB is a day school and does not have boarding facilities.

8. Do students wear a uniform?

Our students do not wear a uniform. Parents are expected to purchase a PE uniform for all students in grades 1 - 5. This uniform is ordered on the AISB website.

9. Does the school operate a bus service?

The school does not operate a bus service. There is a private bus company that many of our families use and interested parents can contact the Admissions Office for contact details.